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Portable Electronic Drum Set

Portable Electronic Drum Set

70% OFF Portable Creative Electronic Drum Set. Only RM149 instead of RM499. Free Delivery to Peninsula Malaysia.

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Original Price : RM499

Additional Details

Product Features:
Usage: install the battery or plug the power adapter, and then connect the stereo headphones can effect beyond imagination Oh! Electronic drum (Alsothis section can not be connected to the computer using the USB interface is used as a charge!)
Note: This electronic drum is a highly entertaining toys suitable the Ta Kwu aspects have interested friends as an exercise, but with real drums thandifferent, toodemanding, please carefully purchase!



Spend less! It barely afford to spend on your terms, just less out to eat two meals a feast, or less add two new dress.2 small footprint: can be rolled up when not in use. Is also very convenient to carry. Not disturbing neighbors: wearing headphones, you can enjoy the hair-hui. Does not affect the others, more pleasure themselves.