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Portable First Aid Kit

Portable First Aid Kit

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Additional Details

Product Specs:
• Dimensions: 18.5cm x 19.5cm x6cm
• Color: Green, Pink, Red (Color will send at random)
• Casing material: PP

• Weight: 350g

Portable First aid kit contains:
• 1 x emergency blanket (130 x 210cm)
• 1 x adhesive plaster (1.25cmx500cm)
• 15 x adhesive bandage (1.9cm x 7.2cm)
• 5 x adhesive bandage (4cm x 1 cm)
• 20 x absorbent cotton applicator (10pcs/pack)
• 2 x sterile gauze pack (5cm x 5cm,1pcs / pack)
• 1 x sterile gauze pack (10cm x 10cm,1pcs / pack)
• 1 pair PVC glove
• 1 x absorbent cotton (10pcs/pack)
• 10 x alcohol prep pad (5cmx5cm)
• 4 x anticeptic wipes (5cm x 6cm)
• 2 x sterile eye pad
• 1 x PBT bandage roll (5cm x 450cm)
• 1 x PBT bandage roll (7.5cm x 450cm)
• 1 x scissors (9cm)
• 1 x plastic tweezers (11cm)
• 1 x triangular bandages (90cm x 90 cm x 131cm)
• 10 x safety pins
• 1 x mouth to mouth barrier
• 1 x first-aid guide




You’ll never know when any unfortunate events might befall upon you or the people around you and that is the reason why we always have a back up plan in case of these emergencies. Hopefully it does not happen but it never hurts to be safe. Keep a first aid kit in your apartment or somewhere near you for easy access.