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Portable Skin Cooler – Includes Delivery

Portable Skin Cooler - Includes Delivery

[Grab it now with RM140 @ MyDeal]

Normal Price : RM190


  • Minimizes pores and reduces swelling
  • Reduces water retention in skin
  • Reduces dark circles and puffy eyes
  • Soothes eye contour and refreshes tired eyes
  • Tightens and energizes skin
  • Relieves sunburn and minor burn symptoms
  • Relieves headache and migraine
  • Relieves itchiness from insect bites and eczema
  • Relieves stress and fatigue
  • FREE delivery within Peninsular Malaysia

Details of the Deal

Hot flushes and the mercury rising certainly flares out tempers and increases the chances of white hairs sprouting.

Avoid looking like the cat dragged you out of the bag with today’s cool DEAL- Portable Skin Cooler with the following options to choose from:-

  • 1 unit for only RM140 instead of RM190
  • 2 units for only RM250 instead of RM380

This patented skin cooler has a powerful cooling effect and high durability without the use of batteries. It is able to provide an immediate ‘cold therapy’ to irritated or tiring skin. It has a surface temperature of 5 °C ~ 10 °C and the cooling effect can lasts about 1h 20m with use or 2h 30m without use. It is very portable and handy and can be used during traveling.