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Power Play Electricity Savers Card

Power Play Electricity Savers Card

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Original Price : RM599

Additional Details

Performance Indicators :
Decay rate : 90.3%
Protective band (MHz) : 300MHz -1GHz electromagnetic wave absorbing effect of changes in the data set based on the role of frequency bands DMA800GSM900, DCS800, 3G, and PHS1900.
Coverage range : 50-80 cm around the card
Absorption rate : 93.6%


What is GREEN Power Play Energy Saving Card?
The Green Power Play chip is an energy enhancement tool that allows consumers to conduct a do-it-yourself home energy reshuffle to help lower household energy consumption and utility costs.

Top 14 GREEN Power Play Advantages:
A state-of-the art new generation electricity saving solution by Quantum Physics.

Breakthrough technology from German.

100% legal and fully compliant with safety standards.

Space saving and easy installation (just stick & save)

No plug, no alteration to DB box No harm to existing wiring No electrical interference

No electronic components thus do not require electricity to operate.

Hassle-free: No additional service fees because is totally maintenance free.

Proven to reduce wastage and save electricity bill consistently between 10% to 30%.

Power quality improvement – increase efficiency & power factor. Increase productivity.

Voltage stable & durability. Extend life span of electrical equipment.

Reduces and protects from harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Highly effective and suitable for homes, offices, factories, supermarkets, hotels and etc.

Immediate results.

Affordable and competitive in pricing.


It has been known for a long time now that there is excess electricity feeding into every household, commercial building and to industries which are already recorded by the meter and bills. Whether you use or do not use this excess electricity, you will be billed. GREEN Power Play is an electricity saving card embedded with an energy insulator and cooling agent. As the human body speeds up metabolism when blood flow is improved, the agent absorbs rotating electromagnetic waves freeing electron flow. They convert the reactive power wasted by electrical resistance into active power to improve current level and reduces the resistance inside the cable. This results in an outstanding power saving effect.

More than 95% of existing power savers in the market apply the voltage adjustment system but may cause critical damage to the sensitive machinery by short circuiting the voltage when decreasing the torque. Besides this, the voltage dropping system will lower the illumination of the lighting and it is generally not welcomed for commercial use like hotel and supermarket where atmospheric lighting is very important. GREEN Power Play is the perfect solution for this matter. It minimizes KwH which is the criteria for all electricity bills by power companies without dropping the voltage to maximize power saving.

This card creates a vibration, using a propriety energy system that is powerful enough to have an impact on the excess electrical spikes which are mainly responsible for the electricity wastage.It uses a wave-generating chip which propels waves to regulate the shape of voltage and electricity waves, so that they resemble pure sine as much as possible, reducing heat and electrical current lost in cables without reducing voltage.

However, there are components of electrical energy that is not effectively used by load devices, and this component energy (reactive power, electromagnetic radiation (EMR), etc.) is actually energy not consumed by the load device and is considered as Waste Energy (WE). The consumer pays for Total Energy In (TE), utilizing only Useful Energy/Used Energy (UE). GREEN Power Play works by minimizing WE, so that you only pay for power that you actually use. In addition GREEN Power Playworks at
cleaning up unhealthy emissions in the form of EMR.
It helps to regulate ‘power factor’, stabilizing your electrical system and making the voltage constant. GREEN Power Playhelps to reduce spikes and power surges, and eliminates excess voltage hazardous to electrical appliances from external sources or lightning. It also regulates the flow of electrical current and solves the problem of drops in destination voltage.

The Concept of GREEN Power Play:
As any electrical engineer can tell us, the Total Energy in the electrical wiring system consists of Used Energy and Waste Energy. Through theproprietary wave technology within the GREENPower Play- Waste Energy in the form of electro-magnetic radiation is compressed and minimized. In a before and after Experiment an elector smog meter detected a reduction in the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) as well as the electromagnetic field (EMF).

The Solution:
The vibration in this card has the ability to compress the excess electricity within the wiring system for a more efficient usage.