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QQ2L Robot Vacuum Cleaner with UV & LED Panel

QQ2L Robot Vacuum Cleaner with UV & LED Panel

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Original Price : RM1380

Additional Details

Package Includes:

1 x robotic vacuum cleaner QQ2L
1 x Battery
1 x Charger
1 x Base Station
2 x Dust Filter
1 x Remote Controller
1 x Manual
1 year manufacturing warranty, 6 months warranty for battery

Automatic Charging Base

Automatic charging base must be placed in the room under cleaning right next to the wall and the remaining three sides must remain open space at least 50 cm.

Control Panel
The control panel clearly shows all vacuum cleaner activated features.

LCD Panel
Modern LCD panel clearly displays all activated vacuum cleaner, battery status, cleaning mode, set for cleaning and the time remaining until the end of the work of the cleaners.

Effective Brushes
QQ-2L is equipped with highly efficient main rotary brush, which collects more dirt, hair and dust from the floor. On the side of the cleaner a special rotating brush is located to carefully sweep away all dust and dirt along the wall corners. Suction hole with a special knife to take care of all collected dirt into a plastic container, including the finest dust.

Dust Container
With a very practical transparent container for dust and dust filter, therefore does not need a vacuum cleaner paper or dust bags. You will find at the top of the cleaner a clear window, which makes you immediate overview is the container filled with dust or not yet.

Space for the Fragrance
Another prominent addition that vacuum QQ-2L offers the space to accommodate solid odor, which spread the smell pleasant when cleaning the air throughout the room cleaning.

As prove of its uniqueness between robotic vacuum cleaner QQ-2L UV germicidal light was built to disinfect. Germicidal lamp should be used during cleaning to destroy bacteria.

Remote Control
QQ-2L comes with a convenient remote control to control your vacuum cleaner which can navigate, set up for cleaning, you can choose any mode of the five modes of motion, turn on UV light, park cleaner to the charging base and complete the work or vacuum before the preset time.


The latest model QQ2L has the same features as the previous model QQ2, it is also equipped with an automatic charging base. For greater comfort and easier control the machine, QQ2L improved by clearer and more modern LCD panel!