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RC Remote Control Smart Robot

RC Remote Control Smart Robot

50% OFF RC Remote Control Smart Robot. Only RM169 instead of RM339. Free Delivery to Peninsula Malaysia.

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Original Price : RM339

Additional Details

Product Specs:
Dimensions: 15in tall x 12in wide x 6in deep
Power: Remote Control 3pcs AA Batteries, Robot 4pcs D Size Batteries (not included)

RoboActor is packed with an awesome number of features made possible by advanced technologies.
Fluid motions and gestures:
Fast dynamic 2-speed walking and turning
Full-function arms with two types of grippers
67 pre-programmed functions: Pick-up, throw, kick, dance, kung-fu, fart, belch, rap and more
3 demonstration modes fully programmable by remote control
Up to 84 program steps with 4 program modes for advanced operations
Fluent international caveman speech
Three demonstration modes: Disco dance, Rude behavior, and Kung Fu kata
Real multi-speed fast dynamic walking, running, and turning. Speaks fluent international “caveman”
Programmable “reflexes” to touch, pickup, kicks, or sound
No computer required, all functions handled by ergonomic remote control
Runs on regular batteries for over 6 hours
Simple enough for kids, advanced enough for adults, it’s like a video game character for the home


Roboactor is a sophisticated fusion of technology and personality. Loaded with attitude and intelligence, Roboactor is the first robot based on the science of applied biomorphic robotics. With a full range of dynamic motion, interactive sensors and a unique personality, Roboactor is more than a mechanical companion – he’s a multi-functional, thinking, feeling robot with attitude!