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Refa I Roller – Includes Delivery

Refa I Roller - Includes Delivery

[Grab it now with RM418 @ MyDeal]

Normal Price : RM599


  • With enhanced micro-circulation to stimulate muscles, promote metabolism and tighten skin texture
  • Experience an immediate refined and taut facial line with just 10 minutes of use
  • Developed to focus on the techniques and movements of a professional aesthetician’s hands and fingers
  • Treat bare skin every day for noticeably better texture, tone, and luster
  • Encased in pure platinum for the smoothest, gentlest feel on delicate bare skin
  • FREE delivery within Peninsular Malaysia

Details of the Deal

Unfortunately, human skin isn’t as flexible as a cookie dough, hence coaxing it into the desired shape and size requires ample time and an astounding amount of patience.

Achieve that V shape face dream and a youthful looking skin with the Refa I Roller for RM418!

DEAL features:

  • Eight-sided roller provides the sensation of a tapping massage from an aesthetician:
    • The uneven eight-sided roller feels like a tapping massage, the aesthetician’s technique of successive finger tapping
  • Tapping roller and germanium plates:
    • The rotating roller, with germanium plates built into the edge, provides a pleasant tapping sensation
  • Swan-neck handle:
    • For ease of use, the handle naturally fits into your hand. Constricted at the base of the neck, this design allows you to use the roller more smoothly and more firmly
  • 10 mm germanium ball:
    • The 10 mm germanium ball built into the end of the handle produces a microcurrent. Use it on delicate areas such as around the eyes and mouth
  • Auto current line:
    • Touching the auto current line around the solar panel during use puts out a microcurrent