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RM10 for 2x Pancake Sets at JC’s Pancakes (worth RM22). More Options Available

RM10 for 2x Pancake Sets at JC's Pancakes (worth RM22). More Options Available

  • Cafe specialising in local apam balik pancakes and ice-blended drinks.
  • Dine in and takeaway.

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The deal

Set A

  • Set of 2 for RM10 instead of RM22
  • Set of 4 for RM16 instead of RM44

Set B

  • Set of 2 for RM19 instead of RM32
  • Set of 4 for RM32 instead of RM64

Package includes

Set A

  • Pancakes (choose 2 / 4):
    – English pancake with butter and honey
    – Satay with cucumber
    – Chicken floss, cheese, eggs, and mayo
    – Chicken ham with egg
    – Chicken ham with cheese
    – Chocolate and banana
    – Banana, peanuts, and egg
    – Banana, peanuts, and cheese
    – Banana, peanuts, eggs, and cheese
    – Chocolate and strawberry
    – Eggs with roasted crushed peanuts
    – Chicken floss with peanut butter
    – Chicken floss, cheese, egg, and mayo
  • Drinks (choose 2 / 4):
    – All drinks except for Milo

Set B

  • Pancakes (choose 2 / 4):
    – American-style pancake platter
    – Ultimate chicken ham special
    – Chicken sausage and egg
    – Pepperoni
    – Chocolate and strawberry
    – Hawaiian Delights
    – Tuna with cheese
    – Tuna with chicken ham
    – Tuna with chicken ham and cheese
    – Crab seafood with cheese
    – Crab seafood with chicken ham
    – Crab seafood, chicken ham, and cheese
  • Drinks (choose 2 / 4):
    – Coconut “Kar”
    – Any beverage available

JC’s Pancakes

Specialising in the local-style apam balik – sometimes known as the Malaysian version of pancakes, JC’s Pancakes brings the street vendor delight to the Westernised cuisine of sweet and savoury pancakes. Folded double into what could be described as a “pancake taco shell”, these handheld pancakes can be filled with fillings savoury or sweet or even both, from selections like chicken ham, cheese, strawberry, chocolate, and more.