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Rose Apartment Cameron Highlands: Up to 3D2N Stay for Up to 6 People in 3-Bedroom Apartment

Rose Apartment Cameron Highlands: Up to 3D2N Stay for Up to 6 People in 3-Bedroom Apartment

  • Apartment building in the agricultural district of Kea Farm.
  • Visit the Rose Centre close by, or journey on towards Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm and The Butterfly Garden.

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Choose from

3-Bedroom Apartment

  • 2D1N stay for up to 6 people for RM238 (up to RM350 value)
  • 3D2N stay for up to 6 people for RM448 (up to RM700 value)

Elevated Abode in Profuse Woodlands

Bound by tufts of verdant forests and undulating knolls, the building’s black and white shell recedes in deference to the lush Brinchang vegetation, where gentle slopes bear a sprawling weekend night market, replete with the highlands’ large array of fruits and vegetables. Rooms are decorated in a simple manner, raw timber benches and unvarnished stumps occasionally reminding one of the natural surroundings that embrace the apartment, a fact echoed in the flourishing garden at its doorsteps. After a night in the heights, take in the sights (and sniffs) of the aptly named Rose Centre, or commune with the insects that proliferate them at Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm and The Butterfly Garden.

Cameron Highlands: Old Colonial Holiday Commune atop Fertile Plateau

The Cameron Highlands tract of forested havens and fertile planting grounds began as uncharted territory, only having the touch of enterprise chanced upon its expanse within twenty years after 1885, through colonial expansion following its discovery by British surveyor William Cameron. Proceeding in the vein of British commonality, the succeeding years saw development spurred by the administrative forces of Sir Hugh Low, leading to the morphing of the plateau into a Little England of sorts, housing tea rooms, Tudor-styled inns, and country homes, accommodating its residing community of Englishmen.

Now home to a population of up to 50,000, the sheltering of plantations retain its cluster of Anglo-tinged stone mansions; currently standing as boutique hotels attesting to its lingering English charm, while its highland climes make for conducive touches of nurturing for the various plantations thriving about its expanse. From mainstay sprouts of tea leaves, sweet peppers, and tomatoes, to farmyards devoted to blossoming rows of strawberries, the fertile flows of its foundations bring about the melding of agricultural acumen with rich touristic tapestry.

Taking into account the extensive galleries of local produce, trips to the highlands would be short of complete without a visit to the aforementioned plantations of tea, yielding sights of select leaves plucked from neat rows that wind down into the valley, taken in alongside sips of hot tea and nibbles of freshly-baked scones. Many other farms here open their tract to guests, including strawberry plantations offering sun-ripened berries ready to be plucked from the vine, and flower gardens awash with a colourful array of roses, hibiscus, and begonias. Further escapades immersed in the plateau’s nature reserve bring guests into the forested trail of Gunung Brinchang, tinged with the mystery of Jim Thompson – a prominent entrepreneur dubbed the ‘Thai Silk King’, who curiously went missing amidst the mountainous expanse. A step outside the greenery brings visitors into the township of Brinchang, where you can find fresh local produce displayed along bazaar stalls, in addition to a wide spread of hawker fare and souvenirs. In addition to the local eats and dishes, appetites stoked by the chilly mountain air can find warming closure with the local specialty of steamboat fired by a charcoal stove.

3-Bedroom Apartment

  • 900sqm room
  • 3 x double beds
  • Max. occupancy: 6 adults and 1 child aged 2 and below. Child guest may be subject to additional charges.


  • Stay without extra bed for child aged 2 and below: Free. Child requiring a cot may incur extra charges.