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Scars Eraser, Sri Hartamas

Scars Eraser, Sri Hartamas

Scars Eraser at StarzBeauty Exclusive Studio, Sri Hartamas

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Original Price : RM380

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Benefit Highlights:
Speed up the healing process for damaged skin.
Eliminate skin pigmentation and imperfections;
Improve skin color tone and texture.
Refined pores size, skin tightening, lifting & firming.
Promote a healthier, more radiant & youthful skin
Activate & increase the collagen albumen and elastin fibrous effectively.
To promote cell growth and trick your skin into acting and looking the way it used to.
Used a full range of high quality products from Switzerland.

Scars Eraser Treatment
– A non-invasive facial procedure using intelligent, targeting ingredients to help repair scarring and imperfections skin without requires down time after treatment. The ingredients contained within the products help improve the appearance of skin on the outside, while building molecules and triggering cell growth and renewal beneath the skin. It can reduce acne scarring, pigmented skin, large pores, uneven skin texture, brown spots and fine lines.

Scars Eraser Treatment Procedures:
This treatment involves a skin consult and analysis,
Deep pores cleansing procedures,
Followed by the application of layers of activator mixtures,
Uses the power of an oxygenating formulation and
A concentrate specifically designed to address your skins conditions and concern.
A delicate full facial massage and
StarzBeautys signature mask definitely a value plus in vitalizing your skin cells
Finishing with the blended serum to act deep down to provide optimum performance.



Whats your concern about your skin? If you have acne scarring, brown spots, pigmented skin and rough skin texture or uneven skin tone. Then you need someone who has experience and knowledge in treating skin imperfections issues. We can help and will solve it with the scars eraser treatment. Clients experience softer, smoother, skin tightening and instant glow skin after the first treatment