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Set of 5 DIY Solar Powered Aircraft

Set of 5 DIY Solar Powered Aircraft

46% OFF Set of 5 DIY Solar Powered Aircraft. Only RM59 instead of RM109. Free Delivery to Peninsula Malaysia.

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Original Price : RM109

Additional Details

Package Includes:
1 x Type 1 (Yellow Early Warning Aircraft)
1 x Type 2 (Blue Aircraft)
1 x Type 3 (Red Transport Aircraft)
1 x Type 4 (Blue Camouflage Transport Aircraft)
1 x Type 5 (Green Camouflage Falcon Bomber Aircraft)
5 x Solar Panel
5 x Principal part fittings
10 x Mechanical parts

Product Specs:
Material: EVA
Color: As picture show
Non-toxic and harmless
Available sizes:
Type1: 16cm (L) X 19cm (W) X 6.5cm (H)
Type2: 18.5cm (L) X 16.5cm (W) X 10cm (H)
Type3: 17cm (L) X 14.5cm (W) X 6cm (H)
Type4: 16.5cm (L) X 13.5cm (W) X 7.5cm (H)
Type5: 14.5cm (L) X 19.5cm (W) X 5cm (H)
Age Range: 3 years old and above

Important Notes:
Best results will only be obtained when it is operated on sunny day
The product will not run on a cloudy day, shaded locations, indirect sunlight, or under fluorescent light
Some items include small parts, not suitable for children under 3 years old in case of choking hazard
Children under 10 years old must accompanied by adult.
The light source may only drive the propeller rotation, the aircraft cannot fly

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We live in a generation where everything is based on technology and new creations. Now, you may also be a creator of your own plane and copter models. Get one of these and spend some precious quality time with those who matter most in your lives. Equipped with all the necessary tools, all you have to do is put the pieces together, and you will have your very own creation of a solar powered aircraft!

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