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Sexy V Line Anti Hunchback Beauty Bra

Sexy V Line Anti Hunchback Beauty Bra

34% OFF Sexy V-Line Anti-Hunchback Beauty Bra. Only RM59 instead of RM89. Free Delivery to Peninsula Malaysia.

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Original Price : RM89

Additional Details

Product Specs:
– Exterior: Polyester 93% Spandex 7%
Inner lining

– Front: Nylon 75% Spandex 25%
– Back: Nylon 79% Spandex 21%
Color Available: Black – Size M / L
White – Size S / M / L
Size Available: S – 74-80cm Upper Bust
M – 79-87cm Upper Bust
L – 86-94cm Upper Bust

Thermo Tech fabric provides hollow cross section with special design that gives insolation through an interior air layer in the fiber and enhances conservation of heat


Slouch preventing feminine back innovative X shape cross cut on the back to help regain confidence.

While allowing the skin to breathe, the fabric provides themo functions, keeping the body warm.
Night time use of product can prevent & correct breast ptosis (sagging).
Day time use of product can create a deep V-shaped cleavage without application of normal underwire bras.
Careful selection of fabric and cut is comfortable and will not casue pressure of strain around the area.
Our signature conjoining cups lifts the breast without the use of underwire.
Lateral sides are extended higher in order to cover the entire breast and to keep the shape intact.
Full coverage cut for the back creates a feminine silhouette and the perfect curvature while easing out the strain caused by daily bra wear.
The Foxy Black allows convenience for clothes matching, and focuses on breast lifting and centering in order to display the sexy feminine curve.

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Important Note
Remove chest sponge before cleaning
Keep away from sharp objects so as not to scratch the product
Do not pull with much force to avoid product damage
Do not use if any wounds or inflamed fat is concentrated at the lace area
Do not use softener
Avoid using during pregnancy, lactation or when experiencing high blood pressure
If any irritation occurs (eg: rash, redness, pain) stop use immediately and seek medical attention immediately
Do not place under direct sun light
Due to the variance in colour of packaging, the product is mainly focused on the content rather than its exterior.

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