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Shake Weight Dumbbell Women

Shake Weight Dumbbell Women

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Original Price : RM69

Additional Details

Product Specs:
Shake Weight Dumbbell – Just Shake
Does not require Motor/Batteries
Increases Muscle Activity
100% Brand New
Get Incredible results in just 6 minutes a day
Designed Specifically for women = 1KG
Special pulsating dumbbell for shaping & toning upper body
Dynamic Inertia Technology ignites muscles in arms, shoulders & chest
Increase upper body muscle activity by 300% compared with traditional weights
Works in only 6 minutes per day
It’s the fast, easy, effective way to work out your upper body
Fits easily inside a suitcase / travel bag
Free workout DVD
EASY to use
High-Intensity, rapid-fire muscle reaction
Works for all fitness levels

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Important to use Shake Weight
Keep the Shake Weight at least 6″away from your face at all times during exercise to avoid injury
The Shake Weight is not motorized;
A mechanical device that you move back & forth with your own muscle power.
Simply hold the Shake Weight with both hands;
Lock your wrists & move the Shake Weight slowly back & forth on an even plane, about 3 inches in each direction
Hold with both hands, elbows close to the body & tighten the muscles in your upper body.
The faster you move it, the more intense the workout will become.


Package Includes
1 x Dumbbell for Women
1 x User Manual
1 x DVD