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Smooth Legs with Ped Egg

Smooth Legs with Ped Egg

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Original Price : RM69

Additional Details

Product Specs:
• Removes unwanted hair and exfoliates skin
• Quick, easy and hassle-free

• Razor burn-free

• No need for chemicals

• FREE Ped Egg

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Being hair-free is equivalent to being beautiful, but the circumstances one has to go through to become one is sometimes excruciating. If your legs turn to jelly at the sight of waxing salons, razors or lasers, get a Smooooth Legs Natural Hair Remover. Get your hand through the mitt and rub area in clockwise and then counterclockwise motion, and be amazed by how each hair strand is pulled from the roots while you’re at it. The kit comes with various sized mittens for hair removing on other body parts such as underarms, upper lip or bikini area. All you need is a good spot to do the rubbing and you’re good to go – no chemicals, lasers or wax to make your shapely gams shiver here.

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FREE Ped Egg