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Snacks and Desserts Set at Tong Pak Fu

[Penang] Snacks and Desserts Set at Tong Pak Fu
Only RM28 for a Snack and Dessert Set at Tong Pak Fu (Non Halal) (Queensbay Mall, Penang)

[Grab it now RM28 @ ensogo]

Normal Price : RM42.50

  • Non Halal
  • Conveniently located in Queensbay Mall
  • Serves hot and cold Hong Kong desserts
  • Uses fresh milk and 100% freshly squeezed juices without artifical flavouring and colouring

Dressing up food in teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikinis is one way to entice taste buds.

At Tong Pak Fu, palates will be tempted just by taking one good look at their heavenly desserts sans the need for swimsuits!

With today’s DEAL, dive into an amazing array of hot, cold, traditional and a delectable selection of Hong Kong desserts at this multi-award winning gourmet paradise.

Made from naturally and carefully selected ingredients, the divine delights here will sweeten tongues and tummies with a spectrum of textures, colours and flavours that make this eatery an irresistibly sweet destination!

What You Get
Snack & Dessert Set

Set Includes:
– 1 Snow Ice or Mango Series
– 1 Floral Tea (4 Choices)
– 2 Hot or Cold Puff (4 Choices)
– 1 Set Curry Fish Ball (6 pieces)

Snow Ice Choices Includes
– Milk Snow Ice
– Banana Snow Ice
– Chocolate Snow Ice
– Guava Snow Ice
– Green Tea Snow Ice
– Mango Snow Ice
– Tracka Durian Snow Ice
– Black Sesame Snow Ice
– Cendol Snow Ice
– Horlick Snow Ice
– Milk Snow Ice With Watermelon
– Milk Snow Ice With Mango
– Milk Snow Ice With Honeydew
– Milk Snow Ice With Banana
– Chocolate Snow Ice With Banana
– Chocolate Snow Ice With Mango
– Chocolate Snow Ice With Watermelon
– Chocolate Snow Ice With Honeydew
– Chocolate Snow Ice With Kiwi

Floral Tea Choices Includes:
– Thousand Flower Tea
– Rose Tea
– Jasmine Pearl Tea
– Osmathus Tea

Puff Choices Includes:
– Sardine Puff
– Ham & Cheese
– Egg & Potato Puff
– Ice Cream (Cold)

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