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Solar Power Auto Car Air Vent Cool Fan

Solar Power Auto Car Air Vent Cool Fan

47% off Solar Power Auto Car Air Vent Cool Fan. Keep your car cool while parked under the hot sun for only RM42. FREE DELIVERY to West Malaysia!

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Original Price : RM79

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On a hot sunny day or a cold rainy day, one product provides the help needed for you to maintain your cool in the harshest of weather conditions. Keep your car cool and ventilated when parked under the hot sun, or prevent stuffiness and fogging on a cold rainy day.


The Auto Vent Solar Car Ventilator is easy to install (with simple instructions provided) and yet practical enough to ensure that the driving condition in your car is always at an optimal for a fret-free drive. Rest assure that the Auto Vent is durable, cost-free in terms of maintenance & usage and it functions silently to give you a peaceful drive.


This Auto Vent solar car ventilator has 8 practical functions:

  • Air purifier
  • Anti-fogging
  • Anti-odor
  • Efficiently and quickly reduces internal car temperature
  • Provides fresh air
  • Protects in-car electronics and gadgets
  • Cost-efficient
  • Convenience