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Spill Proof Auto Drink Dispenser

Spill Proof Auto Drink Dispenser

64% OFF Magic Tap Spill-Proof Automatic Drink Dispenser. Only RM25 instead of RM69. Free Delivery to Peninsula Malaysia.

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Original Price : RM69

Additional Details

What is the Magic Tap? It is a portable automatic drink dispenser designed to fit gallon bottles. Now you wont have to lift heavy bottles to fill flasks and mugs just insert the Magic Tap and voila! You can pump water out of the bottle without any heavy lifting.

How Does It Work? Magic Taps supposedly powerful motor draws your drink up the straw and out the spout without spilling a drop. Its one-handed operation also allows you to fill a narrow sports or baby bottle without missing the target. The product is supposed to be very easy to use. Simply insert the straw into your beverage container Adjust the silicone wings over the opening Press the glass to the trigger