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Swivel Store Spice Organizer Rack

Swivel Store Spice Organizer Rack

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Original Price : RM59

Additional Details

Product Specs:

Keeps spices organized in less than 4” of space
Holds up to 20 standard size spice bottles
Allow 4” of cabinet space on each side for best use
Dimensions: 28 x 10.50 x 28 cm


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Are the spice bottles in your kitchen out of control? Or do you end up searching in every cabinet and go through bottle after bottle just to find the one you want? What you need is Swivel Store the space saving organizer that conveniently keeps all your spices in less than 4 inches of space. Just slide and swivel for easy access to all your favorite spices. Swivel Store includes removable, stainless steel inserts for easy cleaning and reinforced plastic.


Operating Instructions:
To install:
1. Load items or containers into the Swivel Store unit.
Note: Distribute the items evenly between the two racks. Keep the larger/ heavier items in the backs to avoid tipping.
2. Place the Swivel Store unit on a shelf or in a cabinet with a depth and height of at least 11 cm and allowing for at least 4 cm of clearance on each side.
To Use:
1. Pull out the rack and swivel to access items. Hold the rack carefully when pulling it out from the base. Turn the rack completely before taking out the item to prevent the unit from tipping or breaking.
Note: pull only one rack out at a time to avoid tipping.
2. Return the rack back to original position after use.