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Thai Set at Steve Cafe’ & Cuisine Rivers

Thai Set at Steve Cafe' & Cuisine Rivers

Thai Set Lunch or Thai Set Dinner at Steve Cafe’ & Cuisine Riverside . Only RM75 Instead of RM110 per person

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Original Price : RM110

Additional Details


Sight seeing & Dining

The restaurant is in a nearby area of Wat Devarajkoonchon, a royal temple of which the establishment is dated back to King Rama III, where you can take a small sight seeing trip after dining at Steve Café and Cuisine. The temple houses the sacred statue of the Lord Buddha and 3-head Erawan elephant statue, golden teak museum, Devarajanimit sacred statue famous for his blessing upon business, money and love. You and your family can also enjoy fish feeding at the temples boat pier.


Retro Retreat

Steve Café & Cuisine is decorated in colorful Retro style. Atmosphere of the original 60-year old riverside house where the restaurant is housed within is well preserved. Either choosing to relax outdoor or in an air-conditioned room, you will be accompanied by peaceful view of Chao Praya river while enjoy your dishes. Customers can also request for 10-20 people private group arrangement.


Set A per person :

1. Spicy Lemon Grass Salad

2. Coconut Soup with Chicken

3. Stir Fried Sea Bass with Chinese Celery

4. Stir Fried Chicken with Garlic and Black Paper

5. Mix Fruits

6. Steamed Roce

7. A cup of Hot Coffee or Tea

Set B per person :

1. Som Tum (Papaya Salad) with Dried Shrimp

2. Thai Sour Soup with Egg

3. Deep Fried Prawn with Tamarind Sauce

4. Chicken with Lemon Grass and Frsh Chilli

5. Mix Fruits s

6. Steamed Roce

7. A cup of Hot Coffee or Tea