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The Most Comfortable Headphones

The Most Comfortable Headphones

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Original Price : RM120

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The SleepPhones are headphones embedded in a soft fleecy headband that you wear over your ears and plug into the audio device of your choice. The SleepPhones are dubbed by the manufacturer as pyjamas for your ears and clearly comfort was the main goal here.SleepPhones have thin removable padded speakers hidden in a recycled Polartec® fleece headband.

SleepPhones are comfortable for wearing all night long, are machine washable, and plug into a standard mini-jack for sound sleep.The added bonus is that when you use the SleepPhones while listening to your hypnosis CDs, it helps to mask any snoring noise as well as other unwanted sounds.
These soft fleece earphones will be the most comfortable head phones you have ever worn while sleeping guaranteed.

The SleepPhone system headsets are specially designed for comfort and safety and are fully adjustable, the head phones are of a very high quality with noise cancellation and dolby sound and unlike normal earphones can even be washed!