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Tourmaline Waist and Back Belt Set – Includes Delivery

Tourmaline Waist and Back Belt Set - Includes Delivery

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Normal Price : RM114


  • Each set consists of one waist belt and one neck belt
  • Comfortable and can be worn while going about daily activities
  • Good for treating neck and waist related strains and injuries, as well as various cold symptoms
  • Improves posture
  • Colours available: Black / Beige
  • Made with high-quality elastic fabric, fish line cloth, artificial leather, tourmaline cloth and magnetic stones
  • Features a reinforcement belt
  • Can be worn while going about your daily activities
  • Fits sizes from 64cm – 94cm
  • Product dimensions: 103cm x 14cm

Details of the Deal

Tourmaline Waist and Back Belt Set

  • 1 Set (RM35)
  • FREE Delivery within Peninsular Malaysia


  • Keep in an airtight and waterproof place
  • Air it periodically if it is not in used for a prolonged period of time
  • Do not wash using bleacher and other chemical scours


  • Not suitable for the following:
    • Pregnant women
    • People with pacemakers
    • Patients suffering from heart failure, malignancy, activity phthisis, and bleeding related illnesses during treatment period
  • Consult the doctor if necessary

Usage Instructions:

  • Apply a clean, wet towel on the skin surface before wearing on your waist
  • Application of wet towel is optional, but will require a longer warm-up time
  • In order to ensure personal safety, increase the temperature at a relatively slow rate (generally 40 minutes or so)
  • Rate of temperature increase may vary with individual physical conditions
  • Burning sensation is normal, but if it persist, take off the belt temporarily