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Up to 40% Off Ticket to Outdoor Adventure Theme Park at Escape Adventureplay from RM36

[Up to 40% Off] Ticket to Outdoor Adventure Theme Park at Escape Adventureplay from RM36

  • Malaysias premieroutdoor Adventure Theme Park.
  • Take the challenge of climbing, balancing, leaping, and flying across the jungle canopy on zip lines.
  • Provides a venue for kids to have fun outdoors and learn about nature.
  • Special walk-in discount (accompanied by a Big Kid who has purchased their ticket via Groupon):
    – 50% off entrance ticket for Junior Kids (aged 4 12 years)

[Grab it now with RM36.00 @ Groupon]

Today’s Groupon brings out the kid in everyone with tickets for one person to the outdoor adventure theme park atEscape Adventureplay, in Teluk Bahang, Penang. Choose from the following:

  • Weekday ticket for 1 person for RM36 instead of RM60
  • Weekend ticket for 1 person for RM45 instead of RM60

Tickets include access to

  • Gecko Tower
  • Tarzan-s Rope
  • Coco Climb
  • Monkey School
  • Monkey Business
  • Tubby Racer
  • Go Ape
  • Jungle Swinger
  • Balance Beam
  • Atan’s Leap
  • Flying Lemurs (new)
  • A – Maze (new)

Participants are required to wear appropriate sports attire and footwear.For safety purposes some attractions may not be open in the event of bad weather. Participants are advised to arrive early for this activity.

Click here to view all park rules.

Escape Adventureplay

ESCAPE is a destination for fun and adventure while promoting eco-friendly values. A -theme park redefined-, fun and play are seamlessly mixed with learning about the environment. ESCAPE derives its meaning from the activities of a childhood’s past and the integration of these into the modern age. Growing up is optional; one is free to act like a child and have fun. Visitors are provided with an opportunity to escape into an enjoyable and refreshing family experience. ESCAPE also supports responsible tourism by giving back to the community through a positive impact on the local economy and promotion of positive environmental and social values based on ESCAPE-s key principles.

Phone:-?04-881 1106(Call 9am – 6pm daily)
Business registration number:966685-P

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Escape Adventureplay has been featured in The Star.

A fantastic addition to outdoor activities in Penang particularly for the kids. There are a range of apparatus and activities for all ages but not all are fory little ones. It is a great distraction from the computers and ithings and improves core strength, balance and confidence. – Feb 7, 2013
Andrew T

I have noticed that they have shoes on trees where metal belts are fastened so that they can be replaced when worn. There are covers over the wires and ropes to minimize wear and can be replaced. Even the harnesses you wear and the running gear is outstanding with durable covers over the wire ends to minimize fraying. The equipment and running gear throughout the park is about the best I have seen globally, and resembles the top rapelling or spelunking gear available. – Jan 12, 2013