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Up to 44% Off Asian Meal at Kopi Ping Caf?? from RM10 for 2 People

[Up to 44% Off] Asian Meal at Kopi Ping Caf?? from RM10 for 2 People

  • Choose from 9 Asian dishes.
  • Includes butter milk chicken rice, fish sauce fried mee hoon, wat tan hor, and more.
  • Borneo-style coffee house that offers premium coffee and authentic Malaysian dishes.

[Grab it now with RM10.00 @ Groupon]

Without food, the human race would endeavour to evolve into solar-powered robots. Today-s Groupon sustains selves with Asian meals at Kopi Ping Cafin Damai Plaza 4, Kota Kinabalu. Choose from:

  • Meal for 2 people for RM10 instead of RM16 (only RM5 per person)
  • Meal for 4 people for RM18 instead of RM32 (only RM4.50 per person)

Each group of 2 people gets

Asian meal
Choose 2:
Butter milk chicken rice (RM8 value)
Tom yam fishmee hoon (RM8 value)
Kampung fried rice (RM8 value)
Dry fried noodle (RM8 value)
Fish sauce fried mee hoon (RM8 value)
Salad chicken chop (RM8 value)
Ngiu chap (soto daging mee hoon) (RM6 value)
Curry chicken rice (RM6.50 value)
Wat tan hor chicken and fish (RM8 value)

Kopi Ping Caf

Providing a Bornean-style coffee house experience, Kopi Ping Caf-?welcomes groups of twos and fours with wooden fittings and warm lights as noses catch whiffs of timeless Asian meals within the modest eatery. Ensconced in the Luyang Commercial Centre, the restaurant can be found with nearby landmarks including Esso petrol station and Glory Christian Centre. Customers may also opt to experience its popularkopi ping over a conversation after meals.

Kopi Ping Caf does not serve pork or alcohol on its menu.

Phone: 088-231 877(Call 2.30pm – 10pm daily)
Business registration number:84622-C

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Kopi Ping Caf has been featured in TimeOut Kuala Lumpur.-?

While we are always searching forglamorous, swanky and new places to dine in,
it’s always good to know that the most satisfying food experiences with friends and family can still be found in humbly and honest cafes like Kopi Ping Cafe. – Mar 11, 2013

Charlotte Fong