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Up to 50% Off Dontaku: Japanese Set Meal or Shabu Shabu at 1 Utama

[Up to 50% Off] Dontaku: Japanese Set Meal or Shabu Shabu at 1 Utama

  • Restaurant specialising in Japanese cuisine, specifically ramen, bento, and hotpots.
  • Located in 1 Utama Shopping Centre.

[Grab it now with RM21.00 @ Groupon]

Before the advent of cutlery, people would consume sushi using their hands or by standing near a school of flying fish with their mouths open. Today’s Groupon fishes for fast flying food with Japanese cuisine at Dontaku in 1 Utama. Choose from:

Set meal for 1 person

  • Weekday (Mon – Fri) dining for RM21 instead of RM43.10
  • Weekend (Sat & Sun) dining for RM25 instead of RM43.10

Buta shabu shabu for 4 people

  • Weekday (Mon – Fri) dining for RM163 instead of RM326.50 (only RM40.75 per person)
  • Weekend (Sat & Sun) dining for RM195 instead of RM326.50 (only RM48.75 per person)

Meal includes

Set meal for 1 person. Choose 1

  • Salmon sashimi and sake shioyaki set (RM37 value)
  • Spicy buta shabu shabu set (RM37 value)
  • Teppan beef set (RM37 value)
  • Salmon sashimi and mini katsu don set (RM35 value)
  • Teppan chicken set (RM35 value)
  • Chicken teriyaki and saba shioyaki set (RM35 value)

10% service charges (RM3.70 value)

6% GST (RM2.40 value)

Buta shabu shabu set for 4 people (RM280 value)

  • Buta shabu shabu
  • Sashimi to chinmi
  • Ninchinan jidori
  • Bibinba salmon teriyaki
  • Kani salad
  • Takana chahan
  • Kushiyaki moriawase
  • Gyoza
  • Agedashi tofu
  • Edamame
  • Iced lemon tea

10% service charges (RM28 value)

6% GST(RM18.50 value)


On the Lower Ground Floor of 1 Utama Shopping Center, bold lines direct hunting gazes to the brightly-lit menu lining the walls of Dontaku. An array of square white shelves filled with vibrantly-coloured Japanese tableware serve as the centerpiece of Dontaku’s modern line-centric decor. On pallet tables layered with multi-hued wood, patrons dine on traditional Japanese cuisine, from grilled saba fish to beef steak garlic fried rice, as well as house specialties of warm bento, piping hot ramen, and boiling hotpots.

Salmon Sashimi & Sake Shioyaki Set

Salmon Sashimi & Mini Katsu Don Set

Teppan Chicken Set

Teppan Beef Set

Chicken Teriyaki & Saba Shioyaki Set

4 Pax 10 Course Buta Shabu Shabu Set: