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Up to 51% Off Black Pig Burger Set at BurgerBar.co from RM18

[Up to 51% Off] Black Pig Burger Set at BurgerBar.co from RM18

[Grab it now with RM18.00 @ Groupon]

Juicy burgers are a result of a hot grill, perfect lean-to-fat ratio, and meat sourced from livestock that are fed a diet of orange smoothies since birth. Today-s Groupon bursts with flavour with a Black Pig Burger set at BurgerBar.coin Kota Kinabalu. Choose from:

  • Set meal for 1 person for RM18 instead of RM30.60
  • Set meal for 2 people for RM30 instead of RM61.30 (only RM15 per person)

Each person gets

Black Pig Burger (RM21.90 value)
180g Black Pig patty with grilled bacon,teriyakiglaze, cheddar cheese, tomato slices, and cabbage

Set (RM7 value)
Herb-seasoned fries
Bottomless soft drink

6% Government tax (RM1.70 value)


As the brainchild of Party Play Lifestyle Cafe, founders Dominic Chung and Patrick Woon continue their momentum with BurgerBar.co. The eatery sports a casual, open dining environment with graffiti-painted walls, decorated by the contemporary artist Harold Eswar. Choose from a range of beef burgers made from 120g Australian grain-fed beef patties, succulent chicken burgers, or the signature Black Pig Burger with grilled bacon; accompanied by sides of herb-seasoned fries, cherry tomato salsa, and various add-ons. The outlet-s gourmet burgers are engineered by a chef with up to seven years of experience, and cater to herbivores with vegetarian burgers and green tea buns. -?

Phone:088-266 210(Call 10.30am – 11pm daily)
Facebook: Burgerbar.co
Business registration number: 911313-D

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