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Up to 51% Off Nichinan Jidoriya: Japanese Set Meal or Pork Shabu Shabu at Mid Valley Megamall

[Up to 51% Off] Nichinan Jidoriya: Japanese Set Meal or Pork Shabu Shabu at Mid Valley Megamall

  • Restaurant serving Japanese cuisine specialises in Miyazaki Jidori chicken, free-range chicken indigenous to the Miyazaki prefecture that are raised without growth hormones.

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Handy knife skills are often acquired through years of cooking classes, hours at butchers, and an early life of growing up in a school of swordfish. Today’s Groupon escapes fishy situations with Japanese cuisine at Nichinan Jidoriya in Mid Valley Megamall. Choose from:

Set meal for 1 person

  • Weekday (Mon – Fri) meal for RM21 instead of RM43.10
  • Weekend (Sat – Sun) meal for RM25 instead of RM43.10

10-course buta shabu shabu for 4 people

  • Weekday (Mon – Fri) meal for RM163 instead of RM326.50 (only RM40.80 per person)
  • Weekend (Sat – Sun) meal for RM195 instead of RM326.50 (only RM48.80 per person)

Meal includes

Set meal for 1 person (choose 1)

  • Salmon sashimi and sake shioyaki set (RM37 value)
  • Spicy buta shabu shabu set (RM37 value)
  • Teppan beef set (RM37 value)
  • Teppan chicken set (RM35 value)
  • Salmon sashimi and mini katsu don set (RM35 value)
  • Chicken teriyaki and saba shioyaki set (RM35 value)

10% service charges (RM3.70 value) 6% GST (RM2.40 value)

10-course shabu shabu set for 4 people (RM280 value)

  • Sashimi to chinmi
  • Kani salad
  • Ninchinan jidori
  • Bibinba salmon teriyaki
  • Buta shabu shabu
  • Agedashi tofu
  • Edamame
  • Takana chahan
  • Kushiyaki moriawase
  • Gyoza
  • Iced lemon tea

10% service charges (RM28 value) 6% GST (RM18.50 value)

Nichinan Jidoriya

Practising its eating ethos from the ground up, the Japanese dining den makes its poultry selections from Miyazaki Jidori, a free-range chicken originating in the Miyazaki prefecture, believing that the lack of growth hormones in the flesh makes for a richer and chewier texture. Making full use of its meaty acquisition, chefs prepare delicacies like Jidori Tataki over a charcoal flame, while adventurous eaters are invited to try raw slices for a more authentic experience. Patrons dine on Nippon-fare within the airy interior of its MidValley Megamall resting place, where coffee-coloured wooden beams divide the room, and picturesque glass windows offer a chance to make hungry passersby jealous.

Salmon Sashimi & Sake Shioyaki Set

Salmon Sashimi & Mini Katsu Don Set

Teppan Chicken Set

Teppan Beef Set

Chicken Teriyaki & Saba Shioyaki Set

4 Pax 10 Course Buta Shabu Shabu Set: