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Up to 55% Off Bamboo Salted Half Chicken Meal + Drinks at Bamboo Salted Chicken

[Up to 55% Off] Bamboo Salted Half Chicken Meal + Drinks at Bamboo Salted Chicken

  • Choose from original, sajiang ginger, or black pepper flavoured bamboo salted half chicken.
  • Up to 15 herbal soup choices to choose from.
  • Comes with serving of rice and herbal drink.

[Grab it now with RM29.00 @ Groupon]

Rumour has it that chickens were placed on plates to remind folks that the truth behind crossing the road will never be known. Today’s Groupon gets to the other side with a bamboo salted half chicken meal and drinks at Bamboo Salted Chickenin Pandan Perdana, Kuala Lumpur. Choose from:

  • Meal for 2 people for RM29 instead of RM60.20 (only RM14.50 per person)
  • Meal for 4 people for RM52 instead of RM116.40 (only RM13 per person)

Each group of 2 people gets

Bamboo salted half chicken (RM18 value)
Choose original, sajiang ginger, or black pepper

Herbal soup
Choose 2:
Du zhong (RM17.90 value)
Tianqi stewed chicken (RM17.90 value)
Perfect ten (RM17.90 value)
American ginseng chicken soup (RM17.90 value)
Ba zhen tang (RM17.90 value)
Ming mook soup (RM15.90 value)
Sa sum stewed chicken (RM15.90 value)
Guangxi cordyceps chicken (RM15.90 value)
Student prefer (RM13.90 value)
Coconut stewed chicken (RM13.90 value)
Mo fa ko chicken soup (RM12.90 value)
Ginseng roots stewed chicken (RM12.90 value)
Beetroot stewed chicken (RM10.90 value)
Corn pumpkin stewed chicken (RM10.90 value)
Fresh waishan stewed chicken (RM10.90 value)

2x bowls of rice (RM2.40 value)

2x herbal drinks (RM4 value)

Bamboo Salted Chicken

Staying true to its name, Bamboo Salted Chicken serves traditional chicken recipes to poultry lovers using healthy ingredients and condiments. The eatery’s free-range chickens are marinated with bamboo salt and Chinese herbs to accompany a vast assortment of soups and vegetables. Located in Pandan Perdana, Cheras, the restaurant can be reached via the MRR2 highway.

Phone:011-1062 1133 (Call 11am – 11pm daily)
Facebook: Bamboo Salted Chicken
Business registration number: 002124792-U

Image 1
Black Pepper Bamboo Salted Chicken

Image 2
Original Bamboo Salted Chicken

Image 3
Sa Sum Stewed Chicken / Ba Zhen Tang

Image 4
Beetroot Stewed Chicken / Coconut Stewed Chicken

Image 5
Corn Pumpkin Stewed Chicken / Duzhong

Image 1
Ginseng Roots Stewed Chicken / Guangxi Cordyceps Chicken

Image 2
Ming Mook Soup / Perfect Ten

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5