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Up to 57% Off Ramen at Torazou Ramen from RM12

[Up to 57% Off] Ramen at Torazou Ramen from RM12

  • Restaurant serves authentic Japanese cuisine, specialising in pork bone broth ramen.

[Grab it now with RM12.00 @ Groupon]

Unknown to many, rakes were invented after its creator had watched many a child drag unwanted vegetables around a plate. Today’s Groupon forks it up with ramen from Torazou Cheras in Bandar Mahkota Cheras. Choose from:

  • 1 bowl of ramen for RM12 instead of RM23
  • 2 bowls of ramen for RM20 instead of RM46 (only RM10 per bowl

What you get (choose 1)

  • Big char siu ramen (RM20.90 value)
  • Torazou “King” ramen (RM18.90 value)
  • Jigoku ramen (RM17.90 value)
  • Niku miso ramen (RM17.90 value)
  • Cha siu ramen (RM17.90 value)
  • Tonkatsu ton ton ramen (RM16.90 value)
  • Black garlic ramen (RM15.90 value)
  • Aka miso ramen (RM15.90 value)
  • Kimchi ramen (RM15.90 value)
  • Yasai ramen (RM15.90 value)

Torazou Ramen

With a mainstay of authentic Japanese cuisine, this Mahkota Cheras restaurant churns out its signature ramen for discerning customers. Homemade fresh noodles are dunked into thick ladles of pork soup, accompanied by toppings like char siu, kimchi, or blanched vegetables. Besides the brothy bowls, diners can opt for a taste of various other Nippon fare, like yaki onigiri, mentai gohan, or fluffy helpings of omurice.