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Up to 59% Off Outdoor Paintball Package from RM28

[Up to 59% Off] Outdoor Paintball Package from RM28

  • Mask, vest, and marker provided.
  • No time limit on games.
  • Caters to large groups.

[Grab it now with RM28.00 @ Groupon]

Experts have found that suppressed anger often result in sudden outbursts in the form of shouts, screams, and paint splattered walls. Today’s Groupon goes for the kill with an outdoor paintball package from Trikke Adventure and Outdoor in Taman Rimba Komanwel, Rawang. Choose from:

Package for 1 person

  • 100 pellets for RM28 instead of RM65
  • 200 pellets for RM38 instead of RM85

Package for 10 people

  • 200 pellets for RM350 instead of RM850 (only RM35 per person)
  • 500 pellets for RM680 instead of RM1,250 (only RM68 per person)

Package includes

  • Marker
  • Protective mask and vest
  • Paintball pellets
  • Complimentary field charges and target shooting training

Participants aged 18 and below must obtain parent or guardian consent, while individuals with chronic health conditions should avoid this activity.

Trikke Adventure and Outdoor

Providing adventure seekers with a chance of getting dossed in paint, Trikke Adventure and Outdoor allows you to rain paint balls onto friends and secret enemies while keeping afoot on grassy and stoney hills. The outdoor arena serves as the ideal platform to showcase aiming skills while clenching onto metal guns filled to the brim with paint pellets. Safety briefings and training are provided before matches begin as combatants lock sights on selected targets at the outdoor arena located in Rawang.