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Up to 84% Off Full Body Pamper Package at Glamor House, Bangsar from RM68

[Up to 84% Off] Full Body Pamper Package at Glamor House, Bangsar from RM68

  • Choice of 5 different oils for aromatherapy massage, or lymphatic drainage massage.
  • Seaweed back gel mask to detoxify, whiten, or moisturise.
  • Aromatherapy eye pillow induces further relaxation.
  • Complimentary red date tea or lemongrass tea promotes blood circulation and metabolism.
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[Grab it now with RM68.00 @ Groupon]

People today are spoilt for choice, from choosing daily lunches to daily partners for life. Today-s Groupon selects wisely with a pamper package from Glamor Housein Bangsar. Choose from:

  • Package for 1 person for RM68 instead of RM366
  • Package for 2 people for RM120 instead of RM732 (only RM60 per person)

Package includes

  • 60-minute full body massage
    – Aromatherapy eye pillow therapy (done during the massage)
  • 20-minute seaweed body gel mask pack
  • 20-minute herbal foot bath. Choose from:
    – herbal footbath for detoxification
    – milk footbath for moisturisation
    – lavender footbath for soothing and relaxing
  • Complimentary 20-minute full body analysis (check body fats, water retention, lean weight, metabolism, and BMI)
  • Home made red date tea or lemongrass tea

Complimentary hand treatment mask (RM60 value) on weekdays.

Full body massage (choose 1):

  • Full body lymphatic drainage massage: uses formulated micro-essence oil for lymphatic system, blood circulation, and toxic material removal from body
  • Full body aromatherapy massage: uses aromatherapy essence oilcombined with oriental and aroma style massage to relieve stress, headache, and fatigue. Choose from 5 oils:
    – Mandara warming body oil (stimulates circulation, elimination of excess fluids)
    – Energiser detoxifying body oil (purifies, uplifts, refreshes)
    – Harmony rebalancing body oil (hormone balancing, aids sensitive skin)
    – Tranquillity stimulation body oil (helps muscular aches and pain, stimulates blood flow)
    – Slimming body oil (helps reduce cellulite, stimulates blood circulation)

Seaweed back body gel mask (choose 1):

  • Detoxifying mask: relieves stress and reduces acne problems
  • Whitening mask: lightens skin colour and reduces scar
  • Moisturising mask: provides hydration

Clienteles show full bodily appreciation with spa sessions beginning with full body massages of lymphatic drainage or aromatherapy variety. Customers cooperate by rolling over as therapists slather seaweed masks on backs to pamper burden carriers. Meanwhile, aromatherapy pillows rest on eyes to induce relaxation and dreams of Golden Retrievers rolling around in cotton candy.

Phone: 017-295 0899(Call 10am – 7pm daily)
Facebook: Glamor House
Business registration number:901639-A

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