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Up to 85% Off 2-hr Adonis Natural Moisture Factor Facial + Body Detox from RM69

[Up to 85% Off] 2-hr Adonis Natural Moisture Factor Facial + Body Detox from RM69

[Grab it now with RM69.00 @ Groupon]

Things you need to prepare before going for facials include selecting comfortable clothes, ensuring faces are free of makeup, and making a list of appropriate jokes. Today-s Groupon keeps it simple with a two-hour pamper package fromAdonis Beauty Consultant, valid at 13 outlets in the Klang Valley, Malacca, and Johor. Choose from:

  • Package for 1 person for RM69 instead of RM440
  • Package for 2 people for RM130 instead of RM880 (only RM65 per person)

2-hour package includes

  • Skin analysis and consultation
  • Head relaxing massage
  • Facial cleansing
  • Cold steamer to soften black heads
  • Exfoliation with scrubbing machine
  • Extraction
  • Face and shoulder massage with massage oil, mist, and serum
    – Uses machine to absorb serum
  • Cream or gel application to soothe skin
  • Body detoxification on stomach
    – Uses electronic pulse wave to stimulate the body acu-points, adjust the internal nervous and endocrine system, and help reduce fat cell (Not suitable for men and pregnant women)
  • Eye care with ultrasound machine
    – Reduces dark eye circles, eye bags, and reduces fine lines
  • Face and eye moisturising mask application
  • Moisturiser, toner, and sunblock application
  • Complimentary herbal tea serving

Customers who redeem their vouchers between Mon- Thu will receive a mystery gift (Adonis product).

Click here to see full list of outlet addresses, contact numbers and operating hours.

Benefits of going for a professional facial

  • Unlike regular daily cleansing, a professional facial helps to cleanse deeply into skin with the assistance from advanced machines and treatments.
  • Professional therapists are able to analyse your skin condition and help improve your complexion with the right treatments and suitable products.
  • Professional facials normally have other relaxing treatments alongside facials such as shoulder, face, or head massage which helps you to relax and ease tension.
  • Helps your skin to achieve better complexion and natural glow without having to include glowsticks in your diet.

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