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Up to 96% Off Apple & Android Online App Development Course from RM79

[Up to 96% Off] Apple & Android Online App Development Course from RM79

[Grab it now with RM79.00 @ Groupon]

Smartphones hold conversations, apps, and unequal kitchen table legs. Today-s Groupon improves quality of life with an Apple and Android online app development course fromExcel with Business. Choose from:

  • Course for 1 person for RM79 instead of RM1,687
  • Course for 2 people for RM139 instead of RM3,373 (only RM69.50 per person)

Course syllabus

  1. Introducing the App
  2. Basic platform considerations
  3. The killer App idea
  4. Dealing with clients
  5. Finding a programmer
  6. Working without a client
  7. How to handle Apple Inc.
  8. Planning your designs
  9. Partnering with a programmer
  10. Code learning Zone: Programming for Android and iOS
  11. Top tips for touch-screen design
  12. The -feature fallacy- and how to avoid it
  13. Prototyping
  14. Building an app
  15. Integrating sound
  16. Understanding games
  17. Submitting and marketing your app
  18. Pricing your app

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Through online app development courses, budding builders binge on 18 units that nourish minds on idea conception, building, development, and marketing of iPad, iPhone, and Android apps. Written by best-selling app author,Chris Stevens, the course consists of colourful PDF content, interactive exercises, and videos, which are accessible anytime within a year. Students undertake thirty-minute multiple-choice tests to track personal progress and capture certificates of completion to impress smartphones and strangers with smartphones.

Business registration number:06888906

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