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Up to 96% Off Online Spanish Course from Cambridge Institute from RM89

[Up to 96% Off] Online Spanish Course from Cambridge Institute from RM89

  • Learn the 3rd most spoken language in the world at your own pace.
  • Interactive system with audio-visual materials with flexible learning times.
  • Writing and pronunciation exercises corrected by a tutor within 72 hours.
  • Online chat with tutors available.

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To truly appreciate a foreign country, one must learn the language, immerse in the culture, and become best friends with the local head hunters. Today-s Groupon gets started with a Spanish language online course from Cambridge Institute. Choose from:

  • 6-month access to 1 level for RM89 instead of RM1,939.70
  • 1-year access to 2 levels for RM139 instead of RM3,879.50

Course description

Course outline:

  • Understand relevant topics to help communicate in everyday situations
  • Grammar, vocabulary, phrases, and listening comprehension
  • Interactive online course using audio, video, and voice recording
  • Auto correction system allows immediate answer checking
  • Expand vocabulary and grammar by conducting simple tests after each course section


  • Choose from five levels ranging from basic to intermediate:A1.I, A1.II, A2.I, A2.II, and B1.I
    -6-month course has access to 1 level
    -1-year course has access to 2 levels
  • All exercises will be submitted online and corrected by a tutor within 3 days.
  • Chat with tutors to discuss problems regarding the course (only available on working days, from GMT +1: 12pm – 9pm)

Internet access, audio, and microphone required. -?

Cambridge Institute

Cambridge Institute tests language abilities with language courses in Spanish, English, and German catered to students and professionals alike. With innovative courses and personalised lesson plans tailored to each student-s level and goal, audio-visual materials and interactive exercises capture the attention of those seeking social acceptance, travelling mates, and tongue-roll classes.

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