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Up to 98% Off Online Graphic Design OR Adobe Photoshop Course from RM68

[Up to 98% Off] Online Graphic Design OR Adobe Photoshop Course from RM68

  • Graphic design course covers basic principles, software training, photography, and more.
  • Adobe Photoshop course teaches how to utilise the tool as well as edit and retouch images.
  • Learn at individual pace.
  • Certificate is provided upon successful completion of the course.

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The deal

  • Adobe Photoshop course for RM68 instead of RM2,260
  • Graphic design course for RM88 instead of RM3,755

Course outline

Graphic design course (Certificate)

  • Visual Communication 1
    – Learn design principles, applied design, visual literacy, and typography
  • Digital Design 1
    – Learn to utilise design tools and software, as well as computer peripherals like scanners, printers, and memory devices
  • Creative Expression 1
    – Learn basic drawing and illustration, investigation and working with illustration styles and media, principles of composition, drawing from life, figure drawing, and perspective visualisation (layout drawing)
  • Photography 1
    – Learn the basics of using a camera and technical aspects
  • Design Theory 1
    – Learn the history of visual communication and graphic design
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How to edit photos with Photoshop

  • Photoshop Basics
    – How to zoom and pan efficiently
    – Bridge Adobe camera raw to Photoshop
    – Photo preparation tasks
    – Restoration and touch up to improve images
    – Selection tools
    – Layer panels and layer manipulation
    – Painting and related tools
    – Selection channels and quick masks
    – Colour mode and quick correct pixel resolution
  • Tools, preferences, and colour management
    – Channel and masking techniques
    – Use of Bezier pen, invector drawing, and the paths panel
    – Advanced layer blending techniques
    – File formats for web print and digital
    – Advanced spot channel techniques
    – Gamuts and colour translation issues
    – Adobe Camera Raw via Bridge
    – Smart layers, objects, and filters
    – Auto align and auto blend commands
  • Photo editing and retouching
    – Selecting hair with refined edge
    – How to replace the sky in a photo
    – Boost colour contrast with a black and white adjustment
    – How to lighten and brighten eyes with Photoshop
    – Darken overexposed photos with the multiply blend mode
    – Brighten underexposed photos with the screen blend mode
    – Crop, straighten, and multiple scan photos
    – Finding neutral grey in a photo
    – Straighten and crop images
    – Reducing wrinkles with healing brush
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